Welcome to the The William Woodward Jr. Nursery School. Continuing our commitment of over fifty years to provide preschool children in our care with a very loving and stimulating educational environment.


Admissions have begun!

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School Calendar

Wednesday, November 11th
School Closed for Sunshine, Rainbow and Explorers Classes for Conferences

Thursday, November 12th
Professional Day - School Closed

Wednesday, November 18th
School Closed for Sunshine, Rainbow and Explorers Classes for Conferences

Thursday, November 19th
School Photographs

Friday, November 20th
School Photographs

Wednesday, November 25th
Thanksgiving Holiday, School closes at noon

Thursday, November 26th
Thanksgiving Holiday - School Closed

Monday, November 30th
School resumes

About our Teachers

We have an excellent teacher to child ratio at our school to ensure that each child receives the attention he or she needs. The staff is extremely warm and nurturing, highly professional and dedicated to the children in their care. Each child is encouraged to grow in every area of development and to have a happy and fulfilling experience at our school.

Comments from Our Families

"Woodward is a wonderful school. The faculty are warm, nurturing, and committed to the children and their families. Our daughter and our son loved attending Woodward and it was an amazing launch pad for their education."

"We are very thankful that we enrolled our oldest child in Woodward when we moved here from out of state. Woodward proved to be more special than we could have imagined and my child blossomed and flourished in the warm and nurturing environment that the school fosters."